Sunday, 28 February 2010

February Finished Art Journal Page

Here's my finish page for February, as part of Kate Crane's Art Journal Challenge.  You'll have to excuse all the wavy lines and the writing, still as high as a kite on the steroids and am finding that my hands are shaking as though I've got the DT's.  I enjoyed doing it, hope you enjoy looking at it, although I wouldn't suggest you read it because it's all about me being ill!

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Prima Secret.....

Hey, check this secret out, you only have until 1 March.

Friday, 26 February 2010

Enjoy life

Having not done any crafting for so long decided it was about time I got myself together and made this ATC for a swop with a friend of mine.  She's already received it, and tells me she likes it.  The background is sprayed with Reinkers and Blonde Moments Pearl Pigments, ticket stamp from T!m, a couple restamped and cut out, the image is a digi image, from goodness knows where and the wings are Crafty Individuals.  All ingredients available from Craft Den Studio.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Saw on a couple of people's blogs WOYWW, so thought, just for one time only, I'd show you what's on mine, plus a couple of photos of my craft room.  It is such a mess, not tidy like most peoples, buy hey whatever 'am I bovvered?' is good and getting better everyday.

This is the February page of my Art Journal Calender.

Had to buy these little tables, which are great from Dunelm because I was running out of work space

I bought some 7 Gypsies alphabet stamps ages ago and cannot for the life of me find them, now you can see why.  What is not shown is all the baskets on the floor, full of stamps.

Had a lovely morning and lunch with Lynne at Craft Den Studio today, bought far too much and am now going to unpack, have a good old stroke of everything and maybe make an ATC.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Better Late than Never

Well here at last is my January art journal page for Kates challenge.  You all know why it's so late, but I was discharged from hospital late Friday night after pleading with the consultant to let me out for the weekend.  At last I have a diagnosis and I've got Cryptogenic Organising Pneumonitis which apparently is very rare, only 0.01% of the population catching it.  Caught something nasty whilst in Cuba in November and had this blasted thing ever since.  However, after many tests, scans, x rays, and not having much blood left, some bright doctor at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital did a lot of research and hey presto the meds can start.  On the highest dosage of steroids (which make you very hyper and have insomnia) and lots of other drugs, I'm on the road to recovery which they tell me will be 6 - 12 months.  So after a total of 3 weeks in hospital I'm ready to start creating, I think????

Haven't even started on the Feb page but I have been writing in my diary every day so will soon be able to sort that out.  Then need to start thinking about March.  Hope I now get some inspiration back because it seems to have left me completely.  Whilst I was in hospital I told everyone that I was going to sell all my crafting stuff and turn the craft room back into a bedroom.  Must have been one of the days when I was hallucinating.

Anyway I would like to thank all my many friends who have been a huge support and comfort to me over the last 3 months, I am really humbled by all the good wishes I have received.  I'd particularly like to thank all my friends from the Craft Den Studio for their lovely gifts and all their generosity.  And Lynne,what can I say she texted every morning to cheer me up and came to see me, what a friend. Also Pat, Jill, Pat and Sandy Poppins who all took the time to visit me regularly. Can't wait to see you all again.