Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Mother Knows Best

This is a scrapbook page I made at our regular scrapbook crop at http://www.thecraftbox.biz/. The page was designed by the very talented Sandy and I particularly like it because my Mum was an apprentice served and trained dressmaker. She taught dressmaking at the local school and collage, for many years. My Mum was very dear to me and I still miss her every day, even though she died 13 years ago. This page brings back many memories of her, she was full of fun, always smiling and made a terrible mess in the house when she was dressmaking. We never dared go without shoes in the house because there would always be pins stuck in the floor and guess what - invariably they ended up in my foot. We never seemed to be tidy, always material everywhere and my Dad hated it. But you know, because of the hours spent, well into the night, by my Mum sewing, we had wonderful holidays, so we all put up with it, but complained nevertheless.

This is a close up of the tag which fits behind the photo of my Mum.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Best Day EVER

Had a really fantastic day today. Went up to Art From The Heart and painted a canvas. Used Claudine Hellmuth paints in different colours. First I painted canvas with gel medium, then stuck torn papers all over. Once it had dried, I then gave the canvas a couple of coats of gesso - then the fun bit started. Painted with green and lilac to start with, then introduced yellow and teal. Kept going over with the paints until I was satisfied with the results, then used various other colours, painted the heart, finished the edges with two colours, stamped around the edge in red with a Tim Holtz stamp (who else would I used) then stitched on the buttons around the heart. Loved it, can't wait to do another, may have to try one this weekend. I'm absolutely shattered because you have to concentrate and my arm aches with the painting, still I think it was well worth it, even Maurice likes it!!! This is the first thing he's ever liked, said I should put it on the wall. Hope he didn't mean in the cupboard under the stairs.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Birthday Card

This is a card I have made for a friends birthday. I've used The Timsters stamps, of course, and the nude is one of a set from The Artistic Stamper.

What an effort!

Both children made their own bonnets, punched out their own flowers and decided on the design themselves. They had been bought the Easter bunnies and decided that they wanted them on as well, so I stitched them on for them, which was the only input I had. Their school insists that they make them themselves, so that's what they did....

This is Charlottes bonnet, she likes flowers and lots of other bits and bobs on hers, but Lucie is rather minimalistic, in fact, she couldn't even see the point of having to make a bonnet in the first place, so her bonnet took her ages to make!!! Talk about having to cajole her into putting on even a few flowers, it almost turned into third world war. I don't know where her artistic side has disappeared to, she spent most of the weekend digging for worms as she's trying to make a wormery.

Here are the pictures of the children wearing them:

Cool or what!!

Saturday, 21 March 2009


Just finished a fantastic book which I would recommend you to read.  It's a children's book really and only took an hour to read.  It's called "War Horse" and is written by Michael Morpurgo.  It had both me and my daughter crying all the way through, so hop on over to the children's section of the library and get reading.

Been making Easter Bonnets with Lucie and Charlotte, just waiting for everything to dry.  I'll post photos later.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Not much crafting today

Been busy all day, business meeting this morning and ironing all afternoon, boring, boring, boring. Just managed to make a birthday card for my daughter and one for my friend. Haven't had time to photograph them, so will do that later. Off to my daughters first thing tomorrow. She lives in Essex and is having some building work done, so in a bit of a mess. Still, get to see my gorgeous granddaughters. Hoping to take Lucie (8) and Charlotte (6) to see my friend on Sat. They have just moved from Hathersage down to Hampton to be nearer to their children and grandchilden, and it's only 1.1/2 hours drive away. Am looking forward to seeing them and we should have a good day.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Touchy Feely

My bessy friend, has a grandson, Liam, who has just been diagnosed as autistic and he likes touching and feeling different things, so decided to make him a touchy feely book. It is based on the Tag Book made by Dyan Reaveley http://www.dyan-reaveley.blogspot.com/

42 Years!!!!

Yes, I've been married to Maurice 42 years today, but too busy to celebrate. We are going to our daughters this weekend and will celebrate then. So.....plenty of time to craft today. Yeah!!

Tuesday, 17 March 2009


I've decided to do a journal, all for myself, so time to start. This is the front cover, it is 8.1/2" x 8.1/2" chipboard, painted with black Aridondack acrylic paint, piece of 7 Gypsies down the left hand side torn pieces edged with Ranger distressed Fired Brick. The tiles are 2" x 2" and I've used various methods on these, some are triple embossed, some are done in the Melt Pot. I've had fun doing it and am about to start the inside cover.

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Had a really good day at The Craft Den today, where Maddy did a Copics Workshop. She is a very good instructor and gave us many tips on how to make the most of the pens. Thanks Maddy for a good day. We all had a good laugh, super lunch and of course lots of biccys and choccys. Oh, and of course, we made a card.

Unfortunately, nobody bothered to tell Maddy that she had spilt her breakfast down her front...

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Just made a couple of cards with samples of alcohol inks which I did at the weekly scrap at The Craft Den.

Virgin blogger

I have just set this blog up, so don't really know what I am doing, just testing really.