Thursday, 30 April 2009

Scrap Nite - NOT

Attended our weekly get together at last night, it's supposed to be a ..... well I'm not sure what we are supposed to do, but I'll tell you something for nothing, we never know what we are doing, but always end up with something which surprises us. Last night was no different, doesn't matter how loud we shout, how much we laugh, how much we think we know better than the tutor, we had a darn good night and managed to come up with these stunning pieces of art. Apparently I describe most things as stunning - it's amazing what your so called friends tell you - who needs enemies with friends like this mottley crew. I tried to photo the culprits, but guesss what - they couldn't face up to having their anonimity (is that how you spell it?) revealed, but managed to get these two as they were trying to get away!!!!! I will not put names to faces, but they know who they are ;)


  1. They really are "Stunning!!"" wonder who the photo's could be!! you are naughty xx

  2. Wow! they are lovely! You can accessorize your whole wardrobe with these "stunning" pieces!
    Love 'em

  3. I know one of these lovely ladies - that's Susan... Bet you don't know me!!!!


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