Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Magical......what Christmas is about

Last night we took our two granddaughters to a Nativity play where all the children dress up and take part, with actors doing the speaking bits.  It was nothing short of magical.  To see the children's faces, so intense as they listened to the story.  Lucie was Mary (and got to ride the donkey!) and Charlotte was the Angel Gabriel.

Mary with Joseph

All the children

At the end of the play the children were allowed to ride on the donkey and  cuddle the lambs.

Granddad, Charlotte and Lucie

At this point, the lambs were getting a bit fed up and by the time it was Charlottes turn, he just wouldn't keep still, so Granddad had to help restrain him, you can see the lamb here licking Charlotte, which she thought was hilarious.

And guess who arrived at the end..................


  1. Ann you're up as early as me LOL! Absolutely in a nutshell the essence of Christmas - children and the reason we celebrate Christmas all rolled into one - absolute bliss! I'm thrilled you got to enjoy such a magical moment. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year



  2. Ah, how sweet! Have a very very happy Christmas (from another early riser - already in the office - though not working, as you see!!)

  3. How wonderful! it sounds like a perfect magical evening. Have a great Christmas Ann, all the best for 2010. Lynne x

  4. Aw you are right, what a great post! The photo's will hold so many lovely memories in years to come. Have a truly 'magical' Christmas x

  5. Great photo's. Sounds like you had a lovely night. Have a great Christmas, and lots of happy times in the new year. Love Sandra x

  6. Ann - thank you for your comments on my blog. Your Granddaughters had a wonderful opportunity to take part in this special Nativity always magical. After 36+ Christmas school productions it could get jaded as a teacher but of course for the children it was fresh and magic, and always made it special for me.
    Calendar post soon, Happy Chriostmas, Jill.

  7. Just called in to say happy Christmas and a peaceful joyous and artful new year :-) Kate x

  8. What a lovely time, exactly what it is all about! Hope you have a lovely time with your family and Happy New Year. K

  9. Adorable Ann ! i so miss that now the kids have grown up !
    have a lovely christmas !
    love maddyx

  10. this is so lovely ann what christmas should be hope you have had a good time and have a happy new year x sue x


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