Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Cute and Scones

Those of you who know me, know that I don't usually do 'cute', but tomorrow we are going down to our daughters and will be seeing our granddaughters for the first time since Christmas.  I am so excited, I usually see them at least once a month, but you all know why it's been such a long time.  Lucie and Charlotte love making cards, so I've made this one as a sample for them, stamps the images ready and I'm actually going to let them have a go with my Copics....

Another brill recipe for you..

I made these at 8.00 this morning and as I put them on the plate to photo, Maurice decided he would have another, I made 9 and now there are only 6 left,  he's been sneaking in whilst I've been in my craft room.  Naughty boy....we're supposed to be watching what we eat.

Mabels Scones (it was a recipe from my mother-in-law)

8 oz S R flour
2 ½ oz sugar
3 oz marg
Pinch of salt
1 Egg
Little milk or water (I prefer water)

Rub in flour, salt and marg.
Add sugar and sultanas
Whisk eggs and water
Mix all ingredients together
Kneed gently
Form into 9/10 rounds and place on a greased baking sheet.  Don’t roll with a rolling pin, and don’t flatten too much, they are meant to be ‘rustic’.
Bake gas 6, 400f, 200c for 10/15 mins, until golden brown.

Whilst still warm, split and butter

They are good cold, best eaten a.s.a.p.  Ours never make it to the next day!

NB  SR flour can be substituted for wholemeal flour for those health conscious people.


  1. You should do cute more often, you do it so well. Bet you can't wait to see your granddaughters, it's true love when you let them use your copics LOL. The scones look yummy,I don't blame Maurice for sneeking an extra one. Thanks for the recipe. Might have to make some and get some clotted cream. see you later. Love Sandra x

  2. Love you card Ann!! love the papers and the ribbon is gorgeous!!! Bet you are soooo excited to see the girls!!! hope you have lot's of fun with them crafting and obviously lot's of kisses and cuddles!! The scones look so good, maurice is so naughty!! See you later Love Chanelle xx

  3. I cannot belive my eyes, CUTE, its lovely, have a wonderful time this weekend don't tire yourself out scones look scrummy x sue x

  4. what a lovely idea to spend some lovely quality time with your grandaughters. I bet they cannot wait to see you both either. The cute still has a lovely flutterbycrafter 'twist'!

  5. I think you've still managed to pull 'cute' off, whatever you say! The ribbon is extra lovely! Have a lovely time with your girls Ann...immpressed that you're taking the copics!
    x x

  6. Gorgeous card...and...drooling over those scones hun...have a great day x

  7. Beautiful card Ann. You should do cute more often, you do it very well. Those scones look delish. Lucie and Charlotte will be so excited. Hope you all have a great time. Love and hugs Lynne xx

  8. The card is gorgeous.....but I have to say the scones look even better!!! :) Have a lovely time with your family...they must have been so worried about you xx

  9. Great card Ann. You are very good at cute! sorry! :) Your scones look delish. :) Hope you have a lovely trip.XXX

  10. I did a double take when I saw the word 'cute' on your blog (giggle) but it's absolutely gorgeous! Hope you have a lovely time with your children and grandchildren! Hugs

  11. I've always loved your style Ann, but this cute card is fabulous, i love hte colours and the lovely bow. The recipe will be passed on to my daughter as she loves to bake. love Ann xoxo


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