Friday, 2 December 2011

Ladies Who Lunch

Today was our December play day and we all made a Christmas Wreath, tutored by the lovely Jill (no blog).

We all had a thoroughly good day and here's a selection

Christine's (yes that is the two finger salute you can see there - she was telling me that her balls were dangling more than mine, although you can't actually see hers here, lol.



this is how teacher did hers...

She refused to be photographed and you can just see Chris in the background trying to get her into the picture.

They all turned out beautifully, despite some of (who shall remained nameless) being frightened of the little creepy crawlies which came out of the foliage.

Apologies for the facial expressions, they would not keep still - I shall have to get new models in future.


  1. I love them, there is nothing nicer than a handmade wreath, nicely done. Tracy x

  2. LOL at the faces, they will love you blogging them (not)!!, they look really good (the wreaths, sorry), so clever ..

  3. Heehee you all look like you had great fun!! Really made me smile seeing you hiding. Jill no blog must be a fab teacher as the finished wreathes look wonderful.Those balls are dangling beautifully lol.

  4. I've and I can't see Christine's balls dangling either! Well Done everyone! Fabulous..xx

  5. I think your balls win.... love them all, they look gorgeous. What a lovely way to spend a day.

  6. Now dangling balls and Christine? Who would have thunk it! That lady is mischievous! But oh my, what fabulous wreaths you all made. x x x

  7. Beautiful as always Ann. Jill is such a great teacher they are all so perfect! Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures Love Chanelle xxxx

  8. Hi Ann, The pics turned out really well. Mine's changed slightly - DD didn't like the red raffia (I think it would've been ok if I had more red stuff on) so I made a new bow out of hessian.
    Anne xx

  9. What wonderful creations - thy will look so good on your front doors.

  10. Blimey - what a rogues gallery LOL!! Seriously, the wreaths look fab and it looks like you all had a fun time.
    Guess what? You won a copy of scrap365 on my blog! Woot!

  11. Congrats on winning Kate's scrap 365. All our wreaths look fab Dyan thought they were wonderful and hung Christine's and mine in the studio over the weekend. I am not sure that the models look very wonderful LOL.XX


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