Monday, 15 April 2013

Andy Skinner

Long time, no blog.  I'm afraid my COP is back and have now been told it will never go, so increased chemo and see how things go.  At least that explains why I've not had any mojo.  Anyway went to an Andy Skinner workshop at Craft Den yesterday and wowser, what a fantastic day.  He's so talented and shared so many tips with us, things I would never have thought of, so if you get a chance, I urge you to go on one of his classes.

We did a Cracked Secret Drawer Book...




I'm booked to go on two more and just so excited, can't wait.

Right I've got 2 circle journal, journals to do, so hopefully after the inspiration from Andy I should get them done today.


  1. So sorry to hear you've not been well and have to undergo more treatment. I hear such good things about Andy's courses, fabulous that you've been able to go. Love,Helen. xx

  2. Hiya Anne, sorry to hear that bad news, but love your book I did a day course with Andy Skinner last year, which used very similar techniques to your front page, keep meaning to contact him to clarify the process as have got an idea for some canvases for the house. Hope to go and see him again but the local course near me was on my birthday weekend, seems to be the theme this year as Dyan is coming south and thats on my hubbies birthday, grrr. Much love and wishing you better x

  3. yes a fantaatic day wasnt it,i really loved it. the colour of your book is much better in real life so much more depth, its a case of Ooooo what can i crackle now.
    keep your chin up and keep battling xx
    x sue x

  4. Great day , love your book fantastic crackling, the rusty back cover and iron work shows up really well xx

    1. so sorry you've not been well again Ann. good to see you enjoyed yourself with Andy Skinner - his classes are brilliant aren't they? love your texture effects

  5. Mahoosive hug for the poorliness :(
    Your book looks fabulous Ann, can't wait to check it out in real life and touch it.... I always need to touch things to get true appreciation :0)
    I am looking forward to learning some new stuff on his workshop in May :)x x x

  6. Sorry to read that you're not so well. Sending you a big hug.
    Your book looks wonderful.

  7. Wow, Anne, this looks so cool! Hope the treatment kicks in and that you feel more like yourself soon. Will be thinking about you.

  8. Fab project would love to do one of his workshops. x c

  9. Fab project would love to do one of his workshops. x c

  10. Your book looks fabulous - I love the cover.
    Good luck with the treatment.

  11. Looks like you had a fab time....

  12. Fabulous book Ann. Everyone looked so different.

  13. I love the way that you have used a rough texture on the back of the book!!! The front just looks stunning! It sounds like you had lots of fun.


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