Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Mother Knows Best

This is a scrapbook page I made at our regular scrapbook crop at http://www.thecraftbox.biz/. The page was designed by the very talented Sandy and I particularly like it because my Mum was an apprentice served and trained dressmaker. She taught dressmaking at the local school and collage, for many years. My Mum was very dear to me and I still miss her every day, even though she died 13 years ago. This page brings back many memories of her, she was full of fun, always smiling and made a terrible mess in the house when she was dressmaking. We never dared go without shoes in the house because there would always be pins stuck in the floor and guess what - invariably they ended up in my foot. We never seemed to be tidy, always material everywhere and my Dad hated it. But you know, because of the hours spent, well into the night, by my Mum sewing, we had wonderful holidays, so we all put up with it, but complained nevertheless.

This is a close up of the tag which fits behind the photo of my Mum.


  1. Lovely page Ann x Your mum looks like a lovely lady, even when their gone for so long we never forget them, mums are so special. I'd give anything for one more day with mine x

  2. Love the layout Ann! Mum looks a very special lady just like you!! Always smiling, plenty of laughter, perhaps a little mess in the craft room!!! obviously you got more than the creative streak from her!! xxx


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