Monday, 23 March 2009

What an effort!

Both children made their own bonnets, punched out their own flowers and decided on the design themselves. They had been bought the Easter bunnies and decided that they wanted them on as well, so I stitched them on for them, which was the only input I had. Their school insists that they make them themselves, so that's what they did....

This is Charlottes bonnet, she likes flowers and lots of other bits and bobs on hers, but Lucie is rather minimalistic, in fact, she couldn't even see the point of having to make a bonnet in the first place, so her bonnet took her ages to make!!! Talk about having to cajole her into putting on even a few flowers, it almost turned into third world war. I don't know where her artistic side has disappeared to, she spent most of the weekend digging for worms as she's trying to make a wormery.

Here are the pictures of the children wearing them:

Cool or what!!


  1. Your hard work was well worth it! The girls look wonderful in their Easter Bonnets and I'm sure they will remember your efforts in helping them create these masterpieces!

  2. Love the hats!! The girls are obviously in disguise!! lol xx Hope you had a great weekend xx

  3. What great Easter bonnets! Did you not make one for yourself? Love Lynne x

  4. oh my the hats are gorgeous and what clever girls too ! well done !


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