Sunday, 11 October 2009

What a lovely way to spend a day

Had a lovely day today, at Dyan's, as usual.  It is so relaxing now I've got the hang of this journaling lark.  I can see now why Dy has bullied me into restarting it (no, she didn't bully me, she wouldn't bully anyone ;)  I did start at the beginning of the year and couldn't get on with it, but now, hey, I just love it.  Thanks for persevering with me Dy.  There were two new girls today, one was Olive who is doing the same Suzi Blu's Les Petite Dolls, as I am.  Now Olive is obviously much further along with the course than me, probably because I've only done the first lesson, and not bothered since, but Olive says she's going to keep on at me to make me do it!!! Dy has told her what I'm like and will go back to it later on.  Want to know the best thing about Olive......she brought a cake yeah.  I think she said it was a Horlicks cake, so Dy was hoping that it would make us quiet and not give her grief and that we would give her the respect she deserves.  Some hope!!!  However, the cake was fantastic, thanks Olive. Bring on the next class.


  1. urmmm looks interesting ann i think!!!!!!!!!!!
    nice colours lol x sue x

  2. you are so welcome Ann, I had a great time and i'm going to get the Violette Journal book. Doing the class will help me with the backgrounds for the Petit Dolls.
    The picture of my dolls are on My Page on the Petit Doll Workshop for Autumn... try that. You will get loads of inspiration look on one of the side bars for piccys.
    Hopefully i will get to another class.... lol Olive xx ps it was a Malteser Cake.

  3. gorgeous journal pages. wish I could do this! LOL

  4. Love the brightness of this page Ann it really stands out. You really are getting in to this journaling xxx

  5. Yes we had a lovely day and your page is fab. Looking forward to lots more of your pages especially the ones you are going to do in the hols.
    Pat xx

  6. Lovely journal page, the colours are fab. I couldn't make it to today but it sounds like you all got up to the usual mischief :-)

  7. Lovely ! If anyone can encourage you, Dyan can. Look forward to seeing more soon.
    Sue x

  8. Looks great Ann, sounds like you had fun, and Horlicks cake sounds yummy. Love Sandra x

  9. Hey you is good at this journalling lark Ann ... this is fabulous !! I started one earlier in the year and was like you ... its been put aways since early months lol
    i did have other things to deal with then tho
    hugs June xxx


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