Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Wow, aren't I the lucky one!!!

I've just received a blogger award from the lovely Piddawinkle, and I am very honoured to receive it, so a big thanks and hugs.

The rules in accepting this award are:

1.  Thank the person who awarded it to you.
2.  Copy logo onto your blog.
3.  Link the person to your blog.
4.  Name seven things that no-one really knows about you.  Oh, I'm such an open book that everyone who knows me, knows all about me!  Here goes:

1.  I'm gadget mad
2.  I buy all the latest crafting goodie as soon as they come out (for too many for my own good really)
3.  I belong and go to a gym (yes, I know it's not working)
4.  I am quite a good dressmaker but don't do much these days
5.  I am quite good at table tennis, having spent every lunch time playing with my work colleagues on the post room table at my first job.
6.  I don't like olives, disgusting things
7.  I was very good at sprinting at school and won an award (and of course some races)

Phew that was difficult.

5.  Nominate 7 blogs for the award:

Lynne at Craft Den, for being such a lovely, generous, patient, and talented person and who puts up with us every week.
Chanelle who is a very talented girl but doesn't believe it, and she only started crafting a year ago
Pat another one who is talented but doesn't think she is, even with journalling!
Kate who is quite brilliant, does some amazing ATC's and journalling.
June at Dezinaworld who has some fantastic and inspiring digital images, plus an amazing blog.
Leandra at PaprArtsy because she shares her wonderful ideas, plus I had a fantastic weekend with her and Lin.
Dyan last but most certainly not least, she has been my inspiration during my journey into altered art and journalling.  She has  taught me so much and I will be forever grateful to her.
6.  Post a link to each blog
7.  Leave a comment on each blog telling them about the award.


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely comments about me and for the award it is really appreciated.
    Pat xx

  2. Hi Ann. Thank you for the award and your very kind comments. Lynne xx

  3. hi ann well done on your award well deserved x sue x

  4. well done ann on your award, well deserved x sue x

  5. Well done on your award, Ann......a truly worthy recipient!!! Jayne x

  6. Ohhh thank you so much for thinking of me Ann. I appreciate it very much and will add to my blog.
    Congrats on the award and I love your seven things, its nice to read about you and you seem like a very sporty person too .. quite the opposite to me lol
    Hugs and thanks again my friend
    june xxxxxxxxx

  7. Thanks Ann, glad you enjoyed the to do it again soon!!!



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