Friday, 5 November 2010

5th Day

Today is Ann's birthday, here's the card I made for her...

Ann and her sister Sandra were involved in a car accident last week, which has left them very shook up, so Happy birthday Ann, hope you're feeling a bit better.

I'm not going to blog the Make Art everyday in November, everyday, it will get a bit boring for those of you who are kind enough to follow and leave comments, which I truly appreciate and am humbled by, so will still make art every day but only post every few days.


  1. Ann will love it Ann and as always a beautiful piece of art x sue x

  2. A beautiful card and even more beautiful in real life, the colours are fantastic.
    Pat xx

  3. I have seen it in the flesh today at Anns, she put all her handmade one's on her fireplace in pride of place. It's so lovely to get handmade cards isn't it. They make you feel so special. I love the colours you have done, and the image is beautiful. Love Sandra x

  4. So sorry to hear about the accident, I'm sure your card really cheered her up.
    Thanks for entering my giveaway.
    best of luck
    hugs Lynn

  5. Love the card Ann, yummy background :-)
    Hmm we'll have to trust you are making art every day hahahaha
    Anne xx

  6. Gorgeous card, fabulous colours, the background is fantastic Ann will love it. Love Lynne xx

  7. Thank you Ann, I really love this card,it's beautiful the colours are really fab, just like Sandra says, it's taken pride of place along with my other handmade cards, I'm gonna blog em all tommora. I've felt quite shaken up after accident but I keep getting in hire car and hyaving a trip out to steady my nerves again. Got to look for another car now, poor freddie as I affectionately called my fiesta, he really didn't deserve to be scrapped. Thank you once again for my lovely birthday card, xoxox Ann

  8. Love the card, it always means so much more to receive a card that is hand made! Looking forward to seeing more of your daily art too. x

  9. Cards made with love are always special, even more so when they are so pretty, I am sure this will cheer up your friend.


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