Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Still making the tags!

Having been away for a few days, I've really got behind, but I am determined to finish all 12 tags, may be it will be into next year, but I'm determined.  So this is day 7

Now this was quite a challenge, not because I didn't have all the ingredients, but because I was making it at around 5.30pm, canvas sprayed with Dylusion inks, all die cut etc, etc., hot glue gun warmed up and ready, when the phone went.  Hubby answered but as usual didn't ask who it was, well to say I was furious when he thrust the phone into my glued up hand and said "It's for you" is an understatement.  It turned out to be Emma from Sheffield University, pleading with me to be a patient for some end of year final exams for medical students...the last thing I needed...I tried every excuse I could think of but in the end I agreed to go the following day.  All day at the hospital, missing valuable crafting time, being prodded and probed and asked trillions of questions. Anyway, I digress, by this time glue was everywhere, so I just picked up the petals and stuck them on the tag, but couldn't understand why they didn't look like T!ms, kept pulling them off and realigning them, still didn't look right.  Anyway went and had an enormous row with hubby about him never asking who's on the phone, then went back and had another look at the tag...brain into gear, stuck the petals on the wrong way.  Tough, they are staying as they are, I'd lost the will to live by this time, plus the atmosphere in the house was not too good to put it mildly, lol.  Linking this to artyjen's splinter group which you can find here.

I've not started any other of the tags because came back home after having a fantastic birthday weekend with my children and grandchildren and although I've bought most of my Christmas cards, decided I'd better make some for my crafting friends.

Our grandchildren are coming on Saturday and staying until just before Christmas, so will not have any time to craft much, although I've one or two ideas for them to do.

A big thank you to all of my friends who sent me good wishes and birthday cards at the weekend, I've had some fantastic creations and also e cards, everyone is so thoughtful.  May blog them later, so much work gone into them.

Have a good day.


  1. Kudos to you for getting another tag done. the flower looks fine. It sounds like your very busy. look forward to seeing the rest even if its into next year!

  2. Love day 7. Sorry it caused you such grief!
    Have a lovely time with your grandchildren.

  3. Tis the season -falalalala. I did the same thing when I was putting my flower on. Took me a while to figure out the upside down thing. Your tag turned out wonderful anyway. Happy belated birthday!

  4. It's a very impressive tag, and I am ver impressed you have not given up, as I have. I manages 9, but have to concentrate on a DDA for Josh. Anyway, you will get there and we are all enjoying looking! x

  5. now I like that tag, would never have know anything was wrong with it, and at least you OH doesnt tell caller you are on the toilet, thanks for that one kids

  6. no one else seems to appreciate how important that crafting time is 'cept fellow crafters !!

  7. Well done Ann you keep them coming. Another gorgeous tag.
    Pat xx

  8. awww its lovely :D Hubbys are sent to try our patience!!!
    Julie xx

  9. Love your flower, even though it's the wrong way! I would just say you planned it that way! Looks just as good! Men..hrmph...they're like living with large children...


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