Saturday, 19 February 2011

Stylish Blog Award

I've been given this award by the very talented Helen, I'm thrilled to little mint balls, don't you thinks it's wonderful when blogging friends think of you?

Thanks Helen, I'm honoured.  Pop over here to look at her awesome work.

The rules are that I have to tell you some unusual things about myself and then pass it on to eight other people.

Well haven't much of interest to pass on about myself, but here goes...

I once had dinner with Mike Jagger and Brian Jones (deceased) of the Rolling Stones, yes, that's true.

Went to see the Beatles at Sheffield City Hall, and in those days you could sit on the stage, at the back, with the artists.  Well can you guess what happened when they came on stage, yes, I ran straight up to Paul McCartney and put my arms around him and wasn't going to let go.  The security men got me off eventually, but they just sent me back to my seat, how cool is that, eh.

I used, emphasise the word 'used' to be very good at sports.  Represented the school at sprinting, played squash, badminton, did trampolining and was very good at table tennis.  Now those of you who know me now will be saying 'never, don't believe that', but it's true.  Now all I'm good for is being a couch potato.

4 years ago, when I was many stones lighter, signed up to trek to Machu Picchu in Peru, did all the training all the fund raising, in fact raised over £7,000 and then the week before we were due to go, the Cancer Research UK doctor phoned me and said I couldn't go because I'd got asthma and they wouldn't risk taking me because of the altitude.  Why he couldn't have told me that before I did all the training I'll never know.

Right that's enough about me, now to the other bloggers and in no particular order they are...


Hope you're all having a good weekend, snowing in North Sheffield.


  1. I am impressed at all your sporty history! I was useless at all sports at school - now I just watch it!
    (and yes, the stamps arrived...)

  2. And you called me a groupie! hehehe! Thanks for the award Ann, it is an honour... not sure I can reveal too much about myself though - you might not think of me in the same light anymore!

  3. very enlightening lol well deserved ann x sue x

  4. I received it from Helen too Ann lol- thank you very much though, very kind.
    I was also a sporty person at we change lol I was also told I may aswell pack in doing anything arty as it will never amount to anything....and was given a 'D' on my report lol.

    MICK JAGGER!! Really!

    You must have been devestated at not being able to go on your adventure.Especially after all that training AND raising money. It would take some psyching yourself up to do I bet.
    Great reading.

  5. Congrats on your award. Can't believe you were allowed to get that close as a groupie. Wouldn't be allowed within 10 foot now!

  6. Ooooooh, thanks so much for the award, and well done to you for getting it too. Your blog post certainly made for interesting reading. Dinner with Mick Jagger eh? And as for Paul McCartney heeheehee!! x

  7. WOW the Stones the beatles, Girl you have lived!

  8. wow - you've certainly done some intriguing things! I did my degree in Sheffield (english and art) and am very fond of it indeed. How concerts have changed!

    Congrats on your blog award too :)


  9. OMG I didn't know that, what a dark horse you are. Thank you for the award but you know how thick I am when it comes to PCs so it may take a while to work out how to take the award plus I have led such a boring life.xx

  10. Thanks so much for the blog award! Very kind indeed. I too just have no idea how to add things to the side bars of my blog, so please forgive me. Wow you have some interesting things listed. How amazing to have 'dined' with 2 of the Stones? When I went through Sheffield on Saturday it was snowing. Hope it's not going to last as long as the last lot did! Thanks again. Sue x

  11. Wow 2 of the stones, how can anyone follow that?? Thanks for the blog award Ann. Lynne xx

  12. Well, well well!!! Who would have thought it??? A VERY DARK HORSE indeed!!! LOL!!!
    I was also in Sheffield on Saturday in the was obviously the place to be! Mad dash to Bethany...she's had to have her appendix out :(
    Well done on Blog Award...very well deserved xx


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