Saturday, 21 April 2012

April's Art Journal Class

Had a lovely day (as usual) at AFTH yesterday attending the regulars art journal class with the magnificent Dy.  We used Golden Heavenly Body acrylic paints as the background and our mission was to hand write 'I am an artist', then doodle.  Well I hate my handwriting and I wrote in capitals, big mistake.  However, I'm going to work on this piece and I'm going to practice fancy handwriting.  I bought a book on handwriting a couple of years ago, so got it off the shelf, dusted it down and am going to have a go tonight whilst watching The Voice.  Even overtaken The Apprentice as my fav programme now.  Good piece in my paper today, the journalist is calling the teams on the Apprentice, Team Nitwit and Team Numpty, brilliant, they are so useless this year.

Anyway here's the page

The page isn't finished, got to add a couple of images etc. The Golden acrylics really are fantastic paints, something else to buy, but did limit myself to 4 colours yesterday, but no doubt will be buying more.

Below is an ATC I made for a swap, I used the new Ranger stamping paper, which I think is fabulous and coloured the butterflies in with Distress Markers.

Hope you're all having a nice, sunny weekend.


  1. Well, I think your pages look really cool - the writing is perfect! Colours are lovely, too. I have a couple of Golden paints but don't think they're worth the extra - to each his own, lol. Love your ATC. Have a great weekend x

  2. Love the pages! I don't like my writing in my journal either - hardly done any - so I must look out for a book on handwriting to help me! My lime green roses have gone quite pale now the Dylusions spray is completely dry (sad face!) it was gorgeous to start with! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. great pages Anne. I haven't quite had the courage to put a statement like that on a journal page lol.

  4. I love your journal pages and your writing looks good to me, you should see mine lol. Love your ATC, the intensity of colour is fabulous. Tracy x

  5. Your journal page looks good,the colours are awesome and your writing is fine by me but then I don't like mine either, we have to get rid of that inner critic.
    The ATC is fab especially as I am the recipient of this gorgeous art work. xx

  6. Hi Ann,
    Love the paint colours on your journal page. I haven't tried the golden acrylics yet as they are a bit expensive but will but a few and give them a try.
    Ed watches the apprentice and despairs for Lord Sugar this year - his very words were 'they are all numpties'!! lol!
    Happy Sunday!

  7. I love that piece of work you have done at the end of this post! I love the quote too! Your blog is great Ann. Love Gillian xx

  8. You certainly are an artist. I'm booked into my first class in a couple of weeks, I'm so excited. I really love your doodling in the letters. I have not had the courage to do loads of doodling yet. I'm sure i'll have a go at some point. Michelle x


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