Friday, 3 August 2012

Craft or go to the pub?

It was our monthly Play Day today and because of holidays and illness there were only 4 of us at the start of the the first decision was shall we go to the pub at lunchtime or carry on with the project.  Now this pub is famous for its pies

Clare tucking into hers (I had the same as Clare - we had chips as well)

Margaret didn't have chips, she went for the healthy option of two small potatoes

Now the pig amongst us was Chris, although to be fair she did ask if it was a large pie (don't know who that man is who sneaked into this piccy) but Chris was trying to stop me taking this photo

As you can see the piece on her very large dinner plate is only half of it.  I have to say that she didn't eat all the pastry, Clare finished it off for her!

Oh nearly forgot to say, that Clare, Chris and I had home made bilberry pie and ice cream, well it would have been rude not to.  Margaret just couldn't eat anything else.

Anyway the project was to alter an apron, here are the usual suspects...

They look as though they're lined up to be shot and all I said was 'say sex'???????????? Leave you to make up your mind what the smirks mean. The aprons are still a WIP of course.

Off to ARTH tomorrow for art journaling, really looking forward to it.


  1. It looks that you have really nice day!!

  2. Great fun - and lovely looking pies and chips (I'd always go for chips!!) Love the aprons too. Have fun tomorrow.

  3. Good thing I didn't get there till after lunch cos I would have spoilt it and had SALAD lol. Aprons are definitely unique. See you tomorrow.xx

  4. Fabulous story of your day Ann :D The Aprons look great - are you going to show us yours when its finished? The pub grub idea was a good one - can't remember the last time I had pie and chips :)

  5. Oh fabulous day with crafty friends and pub lunch!

  6. As always was great to see you today you naughty lady - dont ever stop being just you - I hope the smiley face is shrinking! xxx


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